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Privacy Policy

SR Management, LLC. 

Minneapolis Resident Selection Criteria 

(in accordance with Minneapolis Renter Protection Ordinance - both inclusive and individualized assessment provisions) 

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and reside legally in the United States, either permanently or temporarily. 

  • All adult Applicants must complete separate Rental Applications and pay the non-refundable application fee. 

  • Government issued photo ID is required in conjunction with a valid Social Security Number to verify the identity of all Applicants and their status in the United States. 

  • Payment of the security deposit is required at the time of application to hold the apartment throughout the rental selection process and if approved, the Applicant’s taking possession of the apartment. 

  • In the event of an application denial decision, an Applicant may submit verifiable, written, supplemental documentation relevant to the basis for denial, to be considered, and which may or may not mitigate or reverse the denial decision. 


In reviewing each rental application for approval or denial, the following factors will be taken into consideration: 


  • All current sources of monthly income (employment, assistance, child support, retirement income, SSI, etc.) will be considered and must be properly verified. 

  • Applicant most recent pay statements (stub) from any current employer must be provided (if applicable). 

  • Cash savings, liquid “cash like” accounts, and retirement accounts currently in use are applicable to “ability to pay”, provided a sufficient balance is confirmed by the most recent monthly account statement. 

  • Self-employed Applicants must provide additional documentation (previous year tax information, bank records, account statements, etc.) to establish monies available to pay monthly rent. 

  • Verified monthly income less than 2.95 times the rent (i.e. Rent to Income Ratio greater than 34%) may require a security deposit up to the monthly rent amount and/or a qualified cosigner added to the lease agreement. 


  • CREDIT REPORT, PUBLIC RECORD & RENTAL REFERENCES: Applicant’s credit report, credit score and public record will be obtained through an authorized credit bureau, as well as rental references for current and previous residences. Low credit score, landlord and utility debt, collection balances, bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction, judgments, liens and negative rental references can impact an application result, including a security deposit up to the monthly rent amount and/or a qualified cosigner added to the lease agreement. Applicants will NOT be denied based on credit score alone. 


  • CRIMINAL CONVICTION RECORD: All Applicants are subject to a complete criminal record search. Certain criminal convictions may result in denial of the Applicant’s rental application based on; type and severity of the offense, when it occurred, the level of the conviction (felony, gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor) and sex offender registry requirements. 



  • Prospective cosigners must complete a Rental Application and submit to background screening to assess their qualifications to guarantee a Rental Applicant’s monthly rent. 

  • Acceptable credit and public record history  

  • Sufficient verifiable income and financial resources to support the Applicant’s financial needs in addition to their own. 

  • Approved consigners will be noted on the Lease Agreement and must sign the document. 


NOTE: Failure to meet any of the criteria listed above may result in denial of a rental or cosigner application or result in the requirement of additional deposit monies or a cosigner. Providing falsified, misleading, inaccurate or incomplete information may also result in denial of the application. 


Per state and federal statutes, please direct all inquiries regarding the personal data obtained to: 

RentGrow, Inc. 177 Huntington Ave. Suite 1703 #74213 Boston, MA 02155-3153 (800) 898-1351 


Policy Date: January 2023